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Hanger Foam comes in large rolls, available in black or white

Clip Hanger - Available in white and black​

Hangers, while seemingly unimportant, play a critical role in the display of clothing and other merchandise and are must-haves for many retail environments. Wooden Hangers and special orders available.

"U" Flange wall-mount for round hangrods.

"O" Flange wall-mount for round hangrods.​

Stick-on foam for hangers

Round Hangrods

Suit Hanger

17'' 14'' 10'' & 8'' Sizes Available 

Hangers and Accessories

End-cap for rectangular hangrod.

End Caps for Round Hangrods. Available in 1'' and 1 1/16'' diameter.

14'' &12'' Available

Hanger Connector

Rectangular Hangrods. Come in 2', 3', and 4' lengths. ​Available in Chrome and Black.

Clever Clips- Available in white and black

Hanger mini-markers available.​

Come in white with black lettering. 

Sizes in stock are S, M, L, but other sizes are available through special order

14'' & 12'' Available

Standard Round Hangrod Brackets​.