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Our slatwall hooks come in three colors.

Black, White and Chrome.

Sizes available are Picture Hooks, 2", 4", 6", 8" and 10".

12" hooks are available through special order.

U-Shaped round or rectangular tubing. Available in Chrome or Black

Slatwall and Hardware

Cap Racks for slatwall allow you to keep more inventory on the floor in your retail store. These can hold a multitude of hats for sale.

Available in Chrome, Black and White.

Slatwall Easels for displaying pictures or retail signage. Available in Black and White.

Slat wall Brackets are available in Chrome, Black and White.

The sizes available are:

6", 8", 10" and 12"

14" brackets and larger are special order only. Please call for availability.

As the only remaining stocking slatwall vendor in central Kentucky, we will be happy to fulfill any and all orders.

Our slatwall is available in 4' tall by 8' long sheets. You can choose to have it with the metal inserts or without. PVC insert tape is also available for the slats if you choose not to have metal inserts.
Colors Available are:  Paintgrade, Birch (stainable), Black,  White, Cherry, Light Grey, Fog Grey, and Hard Rock Maple.
8' tall by 4' long pieces are available for special order, ask about getting your own graphics on Slatwall too!

Slatwall Long Gun holder. Hook and Loop. Special order only. 

Millinery hardware is available in Chrome, Black and White with or without foam pads.

Hang Rail brackets.

For Rectangular Hangrod or Round Hangrod.

Notch Hook/Picture hanging hook

Slatwall Gun Holders. Comes in 3'' and 4''.​ Special order only.