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Store Fixtures

Over our 70+ years of operation, we have developed drawings and machining methods certain standard fixtures that are commonly used in retail environments. Using these "standards" as our baseline, we can simply add/subtract features to fit each customer's specific needs thus creating a custom fixture without being forced to start the process from scratch. This allows us to create customized products, without the custom prices. 

We also understand that the need for new store fixtures does not begin and end with full store remodels. Whether you need one fixture for one store, or one fixture for a string of stores, we can streamline that process to get you exactly what you need. 

Forest Stewardship Council ® certified products are available through Cormans for your next project. 

From concept through installation, Cormans can be your partner creating exciting environments in your new or remodeled store. We offer design, engineering, manufacturing and installation services towards your projects success.

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